Three Red WinesThe Winery – The Derbyshire Winery is classed as a micro winery, all the wine we sell having been produced, bottled and labelled by ourselves. The Derbyshire Winery does not import wines then label as our own; all our wines are made with produce sourced from around the world.

The Derbyshire Winery is based in Bakewell on the Riverside Business Park in the heart of the Peak National Park, with this in mind most of our wines have been lovingly named to reflect our connection with this beautiful part of the country.

With the arrival of our new fermentation vessels we are now able to produce the equivalent of 21,000 bottles per year. These new vessels will enable The Derbyshire Winery to double production in 2013, allowing us to meet the popular demand of our wines.

Our customers are from a very broad spectrum of the general public and they have helped us realise that taste is a very individual thing and that you do not need to be a wine expert to appreciate wine.  We think that you should just drink and enjoy our wine at whatever temperature you like, whether it be room temperature, or chilled just enjoy our red, white and rosé wines.
Red Grapes
The Derbyshire Winery
is licensed to sell direct to the public or trade, and customers are welcome to try before they buy and are encouraged to give feedback on the wines they try. The Derbyshire Winery has worked with Trading Standards to ensure our labels comply with relevant regulations before going to print. We come under the British Food Labelling Law, which does not allow us to use the vine name normally associated with the wine, which we have processed through the fermentation process used in standard wine production.

We hope this give you a brief but informative insight into The Derbyshire Winery.